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Sunday, 13 October 2013

3 is the magic number! $1million in a day our goal for 2014!!

Here are 3 key facts:

1. Sunday 23rd February 2014 will be the 3rd year of Rotary Global Swimarathon.

2. The crippling disease of Polio is still endemic in 3 countries in the world.

3. Early this year, the Gates foundation announced that it would be match 2:1 all Rotary fundraising for End Polio Now - that means all donations will be tripled $1 = $3

So today with 133 days to go, the Rotary Club of Grantham are proud to announce the official End Polio Now fundraising target for 2014 is all the threes - $333,333 - with the trebling possible that would mean raising $999,999 in just 1 day (and I think we can round that up to a $1million!!)

Three reasons to believe we can achieve this amazing goal?

1. Rotary District 1010 are aiming to have 50 clubs take part and are targeting to raise £100,000 which x 3 = £300,000 or $500K!!

2. Delegates from every club in Rotary District 2980 India are planning to swim during their District conference in Malaysia

3. In 2012 we raised $100,000 in just 1 hour - so how much can we raise in 24 hours!!

And here's the thing - there are now three ways to even non-swimmers to join in - even those without an official organized event

1. Virtual swimming -led by District 3170 Rotarians and clubs around the world can join in a virtual swim where you can donate online and swim in your local pool, your gym, even your bath!

2. Rotary Crocus Flowers - Plans are well advanced to distribute purple silk flowers to clubs around the world, these beautiful flowers which symbolize the purple dye to indicate Polio immunization can be sold for $1 at all the events - perfect for spectators and well-wishers. (please visit for more info)

3. Announcing World's Greatest Meal to End Polio Now
Facebook group here - plan is to get as many clubs as possible to donate at least $1 per person from meals in and around Rotary Week (17th -23rd February 2014), and of course can extend that to meals during the Swim events that the participants and watching crowds enjoy!

So what are you waiting for!

Here's 3 things you can do right now to find out more

1. Follow us on Twitter

2. Like us on Facebook

3. Visit our website and register your club

Together we can End Polio Now - 3 words that mean the world to us all!