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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rotary Global Swimarathon 2013 launch!

Well as they say time really does fly, can't believe the 30th March was the last post on this blog.

First let me bring you up to speed with all the exciting developments since then.
Last time I wrote we were hoping to break the $100,000 raised - we did that in style -some $105,287 the final worldwide total reported.

As for my Global Swimarathon recreation on my cruise holiday here you go

Part I

and Part II

I then went on to complete my own personal challenge for Rotary Global Swimarathon with a very icy dip up at Lake Windermere in the summer

from now on I'll leave the open water swimming to the experts Penny Palfrey and not forgetting Barbara Held who completed a double adding the English channel to her world record busting ocean swim in February!

Of course the summer time was incredibly exciting here in the UK with the Olympics and then Paralympics hosted in London. I was lucky enough to see rowing, Handball and best of all watch our very own team ambassadors - the Great Britain Women's Water Polo team in their first ever Olympic match - this is a fans eye view

We just about had time to catch our breath in between the Olympics and the Paralympics when on August 15th the news we'd all been waiting for came through - we were official Guinness World Record Holders!

Then to top it all we were shortlisted for and won the national UK Fundraising award for the best digital Facebook campaign

And so here we are in November, and sign ups for 2013 event are in full swing - we've updated and simplified the website we've added a detailed organization guide and we've contacted all the clubs that entered last year - we're hoping to pass 100 clubs signed up before the New Year. Plenty more updates to come, but the final word has to go to the world and our extraordinary 2012 event video Thankyou to everyone who made it such an incredible event, and thankyou for all your efforts towards 2013- hold on to your hats, we're just getting warmed up!!