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Friday, 7 December 2012

Sharing Global Swim message with the whole world!

Hi everyone,
Well 2 and a half months to go now and momentum is building up very well for the 23 Feb 2013 event. Nearly 50 clubs signed up already, and many more about to confirm.

Here's a couple of videos I'd like to share with you. One is a video presentation on how social media can help your club, featuring Rotary Global Swimarathon story at its heart

And secondly , and this is just brilliant news from the point of view of reaching every corner of the globe , our website http:/ now has the facility to translate all of the content into more than 40 different languages -here's the 2 minute video guide

Finally we want more clubs to sign up, remember it doesn't even have to be an organized event , could just be a few Rotarians and friends taking part in a public pool for a few sponsored laps on the day - so please watch this video on how to register and be part of this incredible global swim4peace. You'll get a welcome email within 24 hours with all the details. There is no official World Record Paperwork to worry about this time, all you have to do is email us the details of how many took part in your event and how much was raised - simple!